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Brewster town square

I know many people on Cape Cod are called snow birds- as they leave right after the holidays to enjoy warmer weather down south. I have really come to appreciate Cape Cod in the winter months. I am an avid knitter and reader so my favorite time of the day is sitting in front of the fire reading a great book or knitting while looking out at our snowy back yard.

Cape Cod Bay

Harrison reminds us each day that it’s important to get outside in the sunshine for a nice afternoon walk. The bay has been an incredible sight these past few weeks with the weather being cold one day and warm the next. The picture above was taken on Tuesday when the icebergs started to melt and float on the bay. I tried to keep Harrison out of the water-but yes, he went for a swim and had a wagging tail (no shivers) all the way home.

Current Harwich room

As noted in a previous post about the updates in our Harwich room, I have been excited to share the new pictures of our Truro room. Byron had the great idea that we should try a low profile bed in that room and place the bed on the lower wall. I have to share our funny story- We purchased the new teak low profile bed from Crate and Barrell. It arrived in the fall when we were still very busy so we just stored it in the basement. In November we started painting the third floor and gave the old bed and chairs to our wonderful chef- Gean. Our handy man Jose was helping Byron bring up the new bed, along with the new chairs and mattress. I was so excited! After the bed was put together Byron came to get me with this really concerned look on his face. “I don’t know Donna- this bed is quite different.” Up we went to the third floor- I looked at the bed and said- “Oh- this is not going to work!” We both agreed and Byron and Jose brought the bed back down to the basement. Next morning, Donna was looking on the Crate and Barrell web site and could not ignore all of the positive reviews. There was not a bad one on the site. Everyone loved their teak bed!

New thought- “maybe when we fully decorate the room it will be perfect”. So after breakfast Jose and Byron brought the bed back up to the third floor. (3 flights of floors no less)- what guys! ¬†After we decorated the room with a new linen duvet, alpaca throw, pillows, beautiful new artwork and the comfortable chairs we liked the room. Still not sure what our guests will think and if this will be a popular room-

The Wellfleet Room

Last year the Wellfleet room out performed the Truro, and we knew we had to redecorate the bedroom as the bath was as sweet as it could be with the new soaker tub and shower show below:

Truro Bath

Always love to look at the before and after pictures- here is Truro when we purchased the inn-

old Truro room

Oh my goodness- words are hard to come by- the decor was done to look like a hot air balloon experience since it’s on the third floor. Note the wall paper boarders. The ceiling was leaking from a faulty air conditioner in the attic and the ceiling had a blue wall paper that was suppose to look like the sky. This was one of our first projects before we opened to look like this:

Truro room for 6 years

Much better but still not totally right- We added hard wood floors, a earth tone wool area rug, simpler room darkening curtains and new chairs.

Now onto our new Truro room- honest feedback appreciated-

New Truro room

Just love the new art work and linen duvet, pillows and recessed lighting

New Leather chairs in Truro

Love the new leather chairs from Pottery Barn ( they are so comfortable) with the cow hide pillows.

Love the new wall color and artwork ( just need to lower the picture a little:)

Truro room

Just not sure about the new King teak bed? We have decided to leave this decor for a year, see what happens and next year we can easily replace it with a traditional mattress and box spring with a upholstered headboard.

Time will tell- Happy January Everyone! Oh I would be remiss in not telling you about our great Dine Inn packages that are happening in February. Check out a previous blog for details and dates. What a perfect Valentines gift for your sweetie….. plus you can see all of the winter changes at the inn and enjoy some of our new breakfast.


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