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New plates and pottery at the Captain Freeman

This year we have been having fun with our winter projects- over the years I must admit some were far from fun as they were practical upgrades that needed to be done but could not be seen by our guests- such as new hot water heaters, new wiring and plumbing. You get my drift- all the things that gets Byron really excited and Donna not so much! Our main remodel this year is to finish off all of our central air  which will happen in March or April. I am very excited about this improvement as we have come to appreciate the benefit of the mini-splits that have been installed in many of our rooms. The air is dry, efficient and ever so quiet with individual controls.

In addition to the air conditioning we decided to have some fun with painting and redecorating several of the rooms. The results have been astounding and as Byron takes new pictures I thought it would be fun to show you the old and new pictures for each room. When we purchased the Captain Freeman in 2010 the decor was quite dated and filled with wall paper and lace- oh my! Let’s start with the Harwich room-

The before Donna & Byron with the canopy bed on the bathroom wall complete with slip cover love seat. All of the wall paper just drove me crazy!

Harwich room 10 years ago

When we first purchased the inn we scrambled to transform all of the rooms before we opened in April. This was the Harwich room after our first remodel that we kept for 4 years.

First decorating project in Harwich

While it was a huge improvement- I was not pleased with the results. The blue was just too blue and the furniture did not work together. Kinda laughing now- we had an awkward metal/wood 4 poster, old mattress, a country french sofa, ugly armoire (not shown) and an Early American pine dresser and cheap night stands from the Christmas Tree shops- YIKES- we were on a tight budget when we first started and had to use some of the remaining furniture and decor.

So pleased with the recent touches including a new mattress and headboard, new linen and moving some things around.

Current Harwich room

We decided on a blue/grey color for the wall and a Country French theme. The new hand carved headboard is from Ballard Design and the beautiful Kincaid dresser and mirror- a Donna find on Craig’s list last year. When we purchased the inn 3 of the rooms, including this one had large armoires since the rooms did not have closets. They were old and cumbersome and we have been anxious to come up with new closet solutions. After a recent stay at a lovely bed and breakfast in the Berkshires we saw a wall bookcase from Pottery Barn that was the perfect answer for the closet function in our Harwich and Yarmouth rooms.

New corner in our Harwich room

The shelf is in the corner and has plenty of room for hanging cloths. We saved the old mirror from the armoire which fit perfectly in the center.

We did not keep a picture of the old bath which included a small tub that leaked into the room below. The new bath is one of my favorites with a pebble stone floor in the shower, beautiful tiles and a marble sink.

Walk in shower in the Harwich room.

This time of the year I am always thinking about new recipes. This morning we used our new wooden plates and pottery pinch bowls to serve delicious Oatmeal Maple Scones from the Flour cookbook. They were delicious and a keeper!


Maple Oatmeal Scones

Next week I’ll blog about our Truro room transformation. You will not believe the changes.




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