8 of the Best Beaches in Brewster

Imagine relaxing on a sandy beach, feeling the soft sea breezes, smelling  the fresh salty air and hearing the sounds of gentle crashing waves against the shore. Pair that with a good book and you have instantly been transported to paradise! We feel the beaches in our quaint bay side town of Brewster are the best kept secret and are the perfect place to relax and let life go at a much slower pace. How do you combine beach time, sightseeing, and delicious dining all into one trip? Many of our guests take day-long excursions to visit their favorite beaches, explore nearby shops, and then unwind by the pool at our award winning inn.

Afterwards, enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many close by restaurants. Our Cape Cod Traveler’s Guide is here to help you with all of these details. It’s filled with information on shopping, restaurants, beaches and so much more. As innkeepers, we are always available to help our guests plan a perfect getaway on Cape Cod, including which beach you would like to visit during your stay. When you are out and about, our on-line concierge is there to help you with any last minute decisions about your day. You can view this helpful on-line page on your phone. Check out our concierge page here.

What makes our Brewster Beaches special

Our beloved Brewster beaches, combined with a shoreline that changes dramatically every few hours creates a perfect location where you can enjoy a gentle surf, soft sand and warmer waters. Our Brewster beaches have it all- whether you want to swim, relax on the beach or explore the beach habitat, your day on the beach will be a lasting memory.

Low tide reveals tidal flats and smooth sand bars, great for power walking, running, wiffle ball and exploration, including oyster farms and hunting for hermit crabs and minnows.

Check out a previous blog to learn about our Tidal flats.

At high tide, the flats again transform, allowing excellent swimming, stand up paddle boarding, sailing and kite surfing. Gradual elevation changes make water entry and exit easy.







Planning ahead for your perfect day at the Brewster Beaches

It’s important to plan ahead before you decide which beach is perfect for your Cape Cod beach excursion. Since Brewster is known for our tidal flats, the first thing that needs to be decided is the time of day for your beach time-if you prefer walking and exploring, then low tide is the perfect time for you. If you want to relax in your beach chair and go for an occaisional swim to cool off then mid to high tide will be perfect  for a swimming beach experience. You can check out our tidal clock in the parlor at the inn or the following web site for a current tidal chart of Cape Cod.

Many of our guests staying at the inn decide to visit Breakwater Beach which is just a short stroll from the inn. We provide back-pack beach chairs and towels, making for a relaxed day on the beach. You can also stroll back to the inn for refreshments during the day. If you decide to drive your car and park in one of the Brewster Beach parking lots after June 15th and until Labor Day, you’ll need to purchase a beach sticker in advance and display it on your vehicle.  Purchasing a beach sticker does not reserve a spot for you on the lots, parking is on a first come first serve basis.  Beach stickers are $20/day, $60/week and $150/season and can be purchased at the Visitor Information Center in the back of the Brewster Town Offices located at 2198 Main Street.  The offices are opened 7 days a week from June 1 – September 4, 2016, between 9am – 3pm. To purchase a Brewster beach sticker, all you need to bring with you is your vehicle registration.

8 of the Best Beaches in Brewster, Cape Cod

1. Breakwater Beach- Our all time favorite beach is only a 10 minute walk from the inn. This beach is a great place to explore tidal pools as you can walk out for over a mile at low tide. Calm waters at high tide make it a good place for swimming and relaxing under an umbrella with our comfortable inn beach chairs. Plenty of Parking.

2. Crosby Landing Beach- Many of our guests decide on Crosby Landing. It is an expansive beach with calm waters. There is a medium size parking area and Crosby Mansion and connection to the Cape Cod Rail Trail is just up the street-making for perfect exploring during your day outing.

3. Paine’s Creek-  Our grand kids love Paine’s Creek as the creek feeds into the ocean providing a fun current to ride with your paddle board. Paine’s Creek is also a  scenic inlet and at low tide you can walk the flats where there is plenty to explore. It’s also a nice spot to watch the sunset or have a picnic. Parking is limited at this beach, so getting there early in the morning or late in the afternoon is important in July and August.

4. Saint’s Landing-  Saint’s Landing has a narrow, but beautiful white sandy shoreline. Our daughter Jenn got married on this beach and it’s one of our favorites too. Because most visitors go to Robin’s Hill Beach they don’t realize Saint’s Landing beach is just down the road. Another secret is if Paine’s Creek Beach is full you can drive to Saint’s Landing beach and just walk a short way to reach Paine’s Creek. The parking lot at this beach is medium size.

5. Linnell Landing Beach – Linnell Landing Beach is just a short drive from the inn. You’ll find a short boardwalk with beautiful bay vistas. This is a great beach to collect hermit crabs, minnows and snails at low tide and like all Brewster beaches great for swimming at high tide.

6. Ellis Landing Beach – If you enjoy walking the beach, this beach is a great destination walking from the inn. The sand dunes protect the beach areas making it a perfect destination for a picnic or relaxing on a beach chair.

Sunset at Saint’s Landing Beach

7. Point of Rocks Beach–  This quiet and peaceful beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenic views of Cape Cod bay. We love to walk down to Breakwater beach, and continue on the beach until you reach Point of Rocks. Always remember that our beaches are gorgeous by day and even more spectacular at sunset when the skies turn magnificent colors as the sun sets to the west.

Inn dog Harrison taking a swim at Cliff Pond

8. Cliff Pond at Nickerson State Park-  While many  think of their  beach days at ocean spots, we also have many large kettle ponds in Brewster which make for refreshing and picturesque days near the water. Cliff pond is a large kettle pond located within Nickerson State Park which is just up the street from the inn. We visit Cliff Pond year round and find it a great spot for hiking around the pond. In the summer time the water is refreshing and a great spot to kayak and paddle board too. Little Cliff Pond is adjacent, also great for fishing and kayaking. The park is quite a bargain as they only charge $5 to park your car for the day.

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We love to walk our beautiful Brewster beaches year round and no matter what time of year you decide to come to our inn, these Brewster beaches will becon you during your stay.

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