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Crosby Landing

Just looking at this picture from several years ago makes me smile:) We have so many breath taking photos of our renowned Brewster Flats and this was taken at Crosby Beach at low tide. We were amazed to see the horse rider and how perfect that she was walking past a boat and Harrison was running in the foreground.

We walk our Brewster beaches year round and tell our guests to make sure to experience our  beaches at low and high tide- everyone is always astounded at the difference. It’s helpful to check our tide schedule when planning your day to know if you want to swim or walk the flats.

High tide in Brewster- perfect for swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Breakwater beach at high tide

Low tide in Brewster- a wonderful way to explore our bay habitat and oyster farms.

Sunset at Paine’s Creek

The Brewster Flats measure approximately 12,000 acres at low tide and are the largest flats in North America. This unique area extends over 9 miles along the coastline from Brewster to North Eastham. When the tide goes out this natural phenomenon creates a spectacular, naturally reoccurring recreational area for our guests. If you hike out to the middle of the Bay you can see where the original wooden packet landing was built to allow packet ships to come into Breakwater landing where they ferried cargo and travelers to and from Boston.

Brewster oyster farm on a cloudy day

Brewster is also home to many oyster farms which are raised on the tidal flats of Cape Cod Bay. What gives our Brewster oysters their tantalizingly unique taste? The distinct flavor of an oyster is a result of the water in which it grows. In this case the clean, clear waters of the Bay provide a definitive “bite” to a shellfish connoisseur’s palate. You can usually find our Brewster oysters at the Brewster Fish House and Mahoney’s in Orleans.

Sunset at Paine’s Creek

Many of our guests come to see our breathtaking sunsets. The tidal flats offer a spectacular site as the sun cascades beautiful colors across our Cape Cod bay.

We have a spectacular location at the Captain Freeman Inn which is just a short walk to Cape Cod Bay. Come see what all of our guests and reviewers are raving about. Experience our Brewster Flats and see our breathtaking sunsets. We have a few open rooms in August and would love to host you for your Cape Cod holiday this summer.



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