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January Book Review

Happy Valentines Weekend everyone! We just got back from a long walk on the beach- with proper gear beach walking this time of the year is so pleasant.

My New Year’s Resolution was to use our local Brewster library more and to read more books on my Kindle. I actually find the larger print on my Reader  makes for easy reading- LOL! When I recently went to visit my daughter for 3 weeks to help with the kiddos, I normally would have toted 3-4 paper backs but this year I just had my darling little red kindle all loaded with great reads for my time away.

Byron and I ventured down to the Brewster Library, which is just a short walk from the inn. What a treasure! During my college days I worked for several years in the Boston College Law library.  I love libraries – being surrounded by so many books is just exhilarating. We updated our library cards and just had a wonderful afternoon exploring the little nooks and crannies of our historic library. Interesting fact from the historical noted of the library-

“In 1852, when Brewster was flourishing with the wealth of homecoming sea captains and the vigor of many small businesses, the Brewster Ladies’ Library came into being.

Two young women, Sarah Augusta Mayo and Mary Louise Cobb, engaged in the ambitious project of interesting their friends in the town’s need for a library. They were so successful that twelve founding ladies established a subscription library in the home of Captain Mayo, at the site of the home now at 1772 Main Street. It opened to the public on January 29, 1853. (Men were allowed to borrow books, but they had to pay more than the ladies. That rule was dropped in time.)”


Late Nights on Air by Elizabeth Hay

This complex story line that I probably should have read twice, centered around a provincial small-town radio station in Canada’s Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. The author chronicles her experiences as a CBC Radio journalist and includes details of the Dene natives and their battle to protect a frozen but beautiful environs from a natural gas pipeline.  The exotic natural setting and complex characters topped by a thriller of a canoe trip through Canada’s Barren Ground wilderness makes this a great read.

Kitchen Yarns by Ann Hood

Highly recommend this book if you enjoy cooking and treasure family recipes.

This  charming memoir written by Ann Hood tells the story of her life and how food always centered her and made her a stronger woman. I loved her family stories and  love of American cheese and all the comfort food that makes us all feel better. Throughout the book she tells  touching stories about the Italian food she grew up with, the goofy Midwestern quirks of her dad’s cooking and the world-class cuisine she’s eaten. Her approach and voice about life and good food is incredibly refreshing. Many of her favorite recipes are included.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society By Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows

This book makes me want to book a ticket for Guernsey! Just love when a story transports you! I had watched the movie many years ago so knew the basic story line-

The main characters are writing letters about their experiences during the German Occupation in Guernsey and what had happened during the war in London and how it effected their current lives. The details in this book will make you laugh, cry and be furious about how horrible war can be for people just trying to raise families and to live normal lives.

A great read that I would highly recommend. One of those books that keeps you thinking about it weeks later.

Heat Wave by Nancy Thayer

Every once in awhile I just want to read a girly read- something that just flows, is full of love and emotion and basically does not have any hidden theme that you have to think about later- perfect beach reading material!

The central story line revolves around Carley Winsted, a young woman in her thirties who finds herself widowed and financially unstable, with two young daughters to raise on Nantucket. Carley ends up converting part of her home as a bed and breakfast to make ends meet. Central to the plot are her two best friends and how they love and support each other through difficult times and her in-laws who are grieving the loss of their only son and not being very supportive to Carley.  Loved reading the details about living on Nantucket and being a new innkeeper.

Paris by the Book by Liam Callanan

Love, love loved this book. Interesting to think that it is written by a male author who captures female emotions to a “T”!

The novel centers around the main character Leah who is raising two daughters in Wisconsin with her husband. She loves anything Paris,  good literature and has always wanted to make films. Her husband Robert, mysteriously vanishes.  Leah finds 3 plane tickets to Paris that Robert purchased for the family before his mysterious disappearance. The family sets off on an adventure and once in Paris she happens upon a magical American bookstore run by an old woman looking to sell.  And because she and Robert were enamored with “Madeline” and “The Red Balloon,” both set in Paris, and Leah “sees” Robert everywhere the questions continue-  Or is it just a trick of her imagination or wishful thinking? Is her husband alive or dead? Is he coming back or did he really abandon her and the girls forever?

Great story line and great ending. While the book does have a slow start, stick with it as the story line will capture you and will have you wanting to book a fare to Paris for yourself.


Loved all my reads and would recommend them all.

Blue Bird at the Captain Freeman Inn

We are closing the inn for the month of March and heading off for our own family adventure to the Florida Keys- Harrison is included:)

Byron and I are looking forward to reopening in April, sharing some fun new amenities and good food and are always grateful to share our little slice of heaven with our guests.


2 thoughts on “January Book Review

  1. Love reading your book reviews and the history of the Brewster Library! We visit libraries whenever we travel. It tells you a lot about a town. Enjoy your trip to the Keys and the time with your family. We are in Key West for a month and enjoying it. Looking forward to another visit with you at the Captain Freeman Inn in the future.

    • Thanks Margot. We are so excited about our trip to Key West. It’s my first time and all the kids are coming too so it should be fun. Look forward to seeing you again, Donna

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