Winter Beach hopping on Cape Cod

Marconi Beach

This is my first blog in 2019 and Happy New Years folks- wishing you and your loved ones a new year filled with good health, joy, warmth, and laughter!

This was quite a year for Byron and me. On the business side, we had the best year ever, with wonderful guests, great weather and the completion of our major renovations including a new roof and spectacular new irrigated gardens. On our personal side, we had a devastating year with the loss of our beloved son Nathan last February. We are still having a hard time even talking about our loss and have found much solace with our families love and the birth of our third grandson, Able Nathan. Our dear Nathan was instrumental in helping us rebuild the Captain Freeman Inn. He was the innkeeper for many years and helped us with many of renovations that only a young person could complete. Byron and I continue to work on being positive, keeping Nathan’s spirit close to our hearts and remembering the importance of paying it forward and giving back whenever possible.

And because I wanted to start the year on a positive, upbeat note, I wanted to share our day of family beach “hopping” last Saturday. Our family arrived at the inn on Christmas Eve, and we had several wonderful days relaxing, visiting, eating and playing with the grandkids- after all, that’s what holidays are all about. Everyone enjoyed holding Able- even 11 year old Trenton wanted his time holding this precious bundle.

Able Nathan

After several days of eating, we all decided that we needed a good day of exercise! We packed up both cars with kids, our inn dog, Harrison, snacks and plenty of warm gear for walking. Since we had such fond memories of our last walk around the White Cedar Swamp trail we started out at Marconi Beach.

Marconi is our all time favorite beach and “oh my”,  the views were breathtaking!

Site of the original Marconi Wireless Station

We talked to the boys about the important history that happened on this site which was named after the famous Italian inventor,  Guglielmo Marconi. From this site, Marconi successfully completed the first transatlantic wireless communication between the U.S. and England in 1903. Check out a previous blog  to learn about the Marconi museum in Chatham and this interesting piece of Cape Cod History.

Artifacts from the original station

The National Seashore has done a great job to make this historical site very accessible and the views are not too shabby either:)

Marconi walkway

We could not have asked for a better day to enjoy this wonderful landscape.

Our daughter Jenn and husband Darin

I just love this picture of Byron- almost always he has his camera and back back in tow. ( you would not believe how heavy the camera is:)

Byron gazing out at Marconi Beach

Always impressed with the  incredible landscapes Byron is able to capture.

In the same Marconi parking lot  is the entrance to the White Cedar Swamp Trail. We had hiked here in 2013 with Harrison and have recommended this trail to many of our guests. Check out a previous blog for pictures and information about the trail.  I was reminded just how special this trail is-

The kids loved the swamp boardwalk-

White Cedar Swamp

and were looking for salamanders-

Salamander hunting

What was so magical for me was walking the boardwalk in the marsh, smelling and feeling the majestic white cedar trees that surrounded us, smelling the salt from the nearby ocean and hearing the waves.

Shadows in the swamp

Byron had fun with the shadows-

and a black and white.

The walk out was just as magical as the walk in-

and our grandson Josh had fun climbing a tree-

Afterwards we drove to Nauset Lighthouse Beach.

Nauset Lighthouse

We stayed here for several hours as we loved walking the beautiful beach

Darin on the beach

We loved looking for seals and watching the paddle boarders and surfers

Nauset Beach

The boys played in the water and hunted for shells

It was such a magical afternoon with family.

Donna and Harrison watching the surfers.

Afterwards we decided to stop and see the Three Sisters Lighthouses.

Three Sister Lighthouses

Check out a previous blog for the history of Light Houses on Cape Cod.

Three Sister Light Houses

The boys were getting tired so we decided to head for the Chocolate Sparrow for ice-cream and hot chocolate. It was a magical day and our beach hopping confirmed to Byron and me that we should continue to recommend these beach spot to our guests- it’s perfect all season!

Come Stay With Us

I feel like theses words should be sung- “Come Stay with Us”  as we love to host our guests at the Captain Freeman Inn and recommend all the wonderful areas for hiking.

Eastham Room

Our boutique rooms are so comfortable-in both summer with our central air and winter with our fireplaces and stoves (plus we have a generator if by chance we should loose power in the winter)

Our breakfasts are always a treated and especially savored in the wintertime when you can relax with the morning paper and an extra cup of our delicious Mt Arabica coffee.

Come stay with us and enjoy all the magic of Cape Cod and the comfort of our seaside inn.

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  1. Hi Donna and Byron…For some reason I got on your blog to see what was going on at the Inn and was so shocked to read about your loss of Nathan. We are so sorry. We don’t get to the Cape any more as Kenny is not good however I have been saying that for years I think. We do think you you often and remember our fun times at Brewster by the Sea…Hopefully this summer I will get down there and will stop for a quick visit. Hugs to you both…Barbara

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