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I have been thinking a lot about the word “Hospitality” and what it means in our business. Everyone knows that a bed and breakfast allows guests to feel at home and the original concept was really about opening a few rooms in a home to share with other people. Formally, the Captain Freeman is an Inn but we also fall into the category of a bed and breakfast because we are small enough to connect with all of our guests and include breakfast each morning with our room rate.

Byron and I have been innkeepers now since 2003. And while we are now in a different building, our original concept of providing southern hospitality to our guests remains. We raised our family in Houston and have fond memories of our neighbors and friends there. We have many friends in Brewster and love our community here but sometimes miss the open connection of southern hospitality that just makes friends feel like family. This concept of southern hospitality has been strengthened by Byron’s family in Richmond, Virginia. Their old fashion values, the importance of family and simple love has given Byron and I much solace over some recent hard times. During a recent visit with them this past spring, we gathered with family, enjoyed healthy food, talked about our families and what we were feeling- we hugged and we cried and we laughed.

Byron with his Aunt Jean

We came home looking forward to continuing to provide this same southern hospitality that has guided us from the beginning, embracing our family and knowing the importance of being  good role models to our children and grandchildren. And while our vision of southern hospitality at our inns has evolved over the years, we continue to know the importance of treating others like we want to be treated and playing forward good will to all. Our thoughts about the hospitality at our luxury seaside inn are highlighted below:

Rejuvenate in comfort

We have totally renovated the Captain Freeman Inn and are just so pleased with the results. Each of our 10 boutique guest rooms are comfortable, luxurious and provide our guests with total privacy. Our owner’s quarters are to the rear of the property, allowing us to be present when needed but removed, to allow our guests privacy.

Our new country kitchen is the nucleus of our property and where all of the magic happens. It’s also a place to gather with guests, family and friends to share a good glass of wine and to hear about one’s day.

Savor healthy breakfasts

My new favorite phrase is “Clean Food” Many of our breakfasts include fresh herbs and vegetables from our inn’s garden plus we have a bountiful raspberry patch that produces our delicious home made raspberry jam. I believe that fresh, organic homemade food is so important. My mom always use to say that you are what you eat and we want to provide our guests with special homemade breakfasts and teas that are memorable and healthy.

We love hosting small weddings and elopements on Cape Cod. Byron and I have so many special memories of these cherished events we have been privileged to be a part of. Byron has become quite the photographer and I love being the wedding coordinator. Witnessing couples commit to sharing their lives together is always heart warming and makes us remember what is important in life- our families and our love.

Flowers have always been a big part of my life. I love being surrounded by fresh flowers and plants. No matter what the season, we have flowers at the inn and for our greeting trays when guests arrive. They speak to my soul and make me happy:)

We recently redecorated our tea room to include a “Hello Chalk Board” where our guests have written “Good Morning” in their home language. We have had so much fun with this!

Lastly we have realized the importance of understanding what each guest would like during their stay. When we check guests in we like to give them a tour of the property and to understand how much they would like us to help them plan their Cape Cod getaway. We totally get it- sometimes you want to socialize with your innkeeper and sometimes you just need some private time along or with your loved one. Either way, we love to hand our guests a business card when they arrive with a phone number that they can call or text 24-7. We are always here to help with the smallest detail, to make a dinner reservation or to correct something that’s not right in our guest rooms.

Byron and I feel very blessed to share this little slice of Heaven with our guests and to play our “Southern Hospitality” forward and to let our guests know that we truly care about their stay with us.

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