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A Special Bed and Breakfast on Cape Cod

We just love being innkeepers on Cape Cod and always appreciate honest feedback from our guests. Over the years we have listened- from the small to the big things, we always pay attention and strive to make our  guest’s experience at the Captain Freeman Inn perfect.

Afternoon tea- Kahlua Cheesecake

The other day a guest commented that we have created all of the details to make for the best bed and breakfast on Cape Cod! Byron and I just smiled and later chuckled at ourselves as it’s taken 15 years for us to get the details right. We love old buildings and have become quite the pros at remodeling bathrooms and redecorating. We are having a great summer, are happily full most days with the best team ever to make all of our magic happen for our guests.

Happy guests at the Freeman

It was fun to think about the details we have landed on to make the Captain Freeman Inn such a perfect place to stay during your holiday to Cape Cod. Some have come from investing monies into the building, some have come through experience and most are just common sense details that we like to see when we travel.

Ingredients to being a Special Bed and Breakfast on Cape Cod

Our King Brewster Room
  • The most important and number 1 ingredient for a memorable bed and breakfast experience is to have a really comfortable bed that appeals to most travelers.  Over the years we have tried many different mattresses and combinations and have landed on the Serta Perfect Sleeper Flat Top Mattress. It’s a medium feel mattress that wears well, has little body impressions, and we are able to add a softness to our guest’s sleep by using a mattress topper on all of our beds. It can be easily removed if a guests likes extra firm, can be fluffed each time we change the bed and provides for the all time best night’s sleep. Many guests comment that they feel like they are sleeping on a cloud.
  • I call myself a “sheet snob” and actually blogged about our new 600 thread count sheets. The inn is now totally converted, and we have these luxurious sheets for sale in our gift shop. There is something mighty special when you turn down your bed to find luxurious sheets that are crisp, thick and soft. 
      Breakfast porch
  • We love breakfasts and have tried many different things over the years. Almost have to laugh now at our creativity- breakfast in bed, breakfast delivered in a picnic basket, breakfast served together at a big table, breakfast on trays where you could bring your meal anywhere in the inn- we now have landed with a farm to table three course, simple, always homemade breakfast that we serve to you on our beautiful side porch. We have learned that many guests do not want a breakfast plate filled with carbs and so have found that we can prepare memorable breakfasts that use old fashion recipes such as our Wild Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes and keep our first course light on this days such as a savory bite with thyme crackers topped with homemade pesto infused ricotta and cherries. It’s a blast of fresh flavors that will excite your palette and also be the correct quantity to not feel stuffed. It’s a balancing act that we work on each day.
  • We love to try new things and our latest this year is homemade sorbet and donuts. it is VERY important to always stay fresh with new things for our repeat guests to enjoy and look forward to.
  • Always remain flexible to what is in season. In years past I would create a rotating 2 week menu that I followed to a T. This year I decided to be more relaxed and think about what is in the garden or in season or what guest is staying with us for their dietary needs or preferences. This has worked out so well, and I think our breakfasts this summer have been the best we have ever served.
    Espi, our innkeeper
  • This is the first year that we hired a full time innkeeper so that we can get out and explore Cape Cod. This has been so helpful and important as we now can share first hand our experiences about new things such as kayaking and traveling to Martha’s Vineyard.
  • I use to be a furniture buyer in my younger years, and I have enjoyed decorating the inn. I have learned the importance of buying quality and choosing the color palette and textures of the room very carefully. We always buy a sample can of paint and paint a small portion of the wall and hold up any fabric samples with that as well. Happy to report that all of the rooms have been redecorated and I love all of them. Probably my all time favorite is Brewster!
    Double soaking tub in our Wellfleet room
  • Spend the bucks to create a really special bathroom for our guests. We have a joke around here that you can create a $5,000 bathroom, a $20,000 bathroom or if you are doing something really special – you can create a $30,000 bathroom. When we first purchased the Freeman everything needed attention, and we could only afford to do the $5,000 bathrooms. We are now going back through and redoing those baths and our guest’s reactions have been dramatic. We heat the tiled floors, choose tasteful coloring, put function first and purchase quality plumbing fixtures. We use to buy frequently from Home Depot- no longer as their plumbing fixtures are low quality and usually break within the first couple of years.

      Parlor seating at the Freeman
  • Recovering old chairs and love seats has really worked well for us. We love the design and quality of antique pieces and then add quality fabric that is washable – Sunbrella when possible. I also love velvet and add sprinkles of that fabric throughout the inn. The picture shown above is a chair I found at an estate sale for $100. We recovered in a beautiful velvet and we could not be more pleased. It actually completes the design in our main parlor.
  • Use artisan amenities that are all organic. We have done quite a bit of research to find the perfect soaps, lotions and spritzers for our guests. We have partnered with Bumble and Co and Brother’s artisan Oils for products our guests rave about. You know you have made the right decision when you cannot keep the product in stock in your gift shop:)
  • Replace your linens, pillows and towels when needed.  We are constantly looking at wear on our towels and are so pleased with our Turkish and Linen Towels.
  • Have really good ironing boards and irons available for our guests. Over the years we have had old and small ironing boards. Many of our guests like to iron their clothes during their stay and we provide new, regular size boards in all our rooms. A silly thing but important to many.
  • We have FINALLY landed on really special pottery and plates for our breakfast. The pottery shown above was made by Lewis Burris, a high school friend of Byrons that now lives in Joshua Tree.  I think this is the first time both Byron and I are pleased with both the function and the look of our plating. It’s also a pet peeve of mine to dine at a restaurant with cheap eating utensils. Several years ago we purchased high end stainless sets for our breakfast and afternoon teas.

All of the little things really are the ingredients for the bigger things and we are just so delighted to host guests at our special Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast, the Captain Freeman Inn.

Where to Stay on Cape Cod

Check out our boutique rooms and come see what all of the excitement is about at the Captain Freeman. Since totally refurbishing the entire inn over the past six years we are just thrilled and delighted to share our lovely Cape Cod Bed and Breakfast with our guests. 

Our salt water solar heated pool has also been very popular this summer, and we find that many guests treat us as a resort and stay at the inn to relax and rejuvenate for most of the day.

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