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Eggs Benedict

We love food at the Captain Freeman Inn! Our breakfasts are mighty special, and we take great pride in creating food that satisfies our foodie guests  looking for flavorful and fresh breakfasts.

Salad at Vers

We also enjoy good food ourselves and are constantly on the lookout for new dining spots to recommend to our guests. After all- being an innkeeper is hard work and someone has to check out the new restaurants on Cape Cod:) Last year we blogged about Vers in Orleans and one of our new favorites- Spinnakers in Brewster. This year we were excited to learn of three new restaurants that have just opened-

The Pheasant in Dennis-  in the old Red Pheasant location with expanded hours and a new fresh look.

The Flats in Brewster- which is the restaurant just beside JT’s. They have just recently opened.

Grill 43 in South Yarmouth- in the old Abbici spot and is run by the great folks from Rock Harbor Grill.

We just dined at The Pheasant and had a great meal in their chic new bar area. They have given the restaurant a new look with new flooring, paint and tables. We left Byron’s fancy camera at home so the following pictures were just taken with our phone.

Pheasant dining room

We enjoyed our meal which included a delicious, perfectly portioned bowl of smoked fish chowder and a charred romaine and radicchio salad. Byron loved the brown bread croutons, and I thought my chowder was the best I have had in a long time. For the main course I had the scallops and Byron the Hanger Steak-both were prepared well.

Desserts at the Pheasant

I have the bad habit of looking at the dessert menu first and the Pheasant did not disappoint. I had a delicious strawberry cobbler with homemade ice cream and Byron had Affogato- Snowy Owl Expresso poured over homemade ice-cream. Oh my goodness- totally delicious.

We left feeling totally satisfied and ready to recommend the Pheasant to our guests. We were pleased to see a Lobster Roast on the menu which is lobster, clams, mussels, chourico, corn grilled scallions, fingerlings, lemon and sea beans- how fun!

We did notice that the wine list was a little short,  and they did not have our favorite Tanqueray gin. I am sure that will surely expand as they get settled. Worth noting is that the Executive Chef, Toby Hill that is running their kitchen. He is highly respected on Cape Cod and we are sure great things will be happening at the Pheasant. Wishing Erica and Adam all the best on their new restaurant adventure.

On a side note, I just received a great book from our guests, Bernice and Rob. We were talking about fine dining, and I mentioned our meal at the Pheasant. They just smiled listening to my critique of our meal and said that I sounded like a food critique and had to read Garlic and Sapphires. I had never heard of the book but was so glad they shared it with me as I have giggled my way through the book. It’s about Ruth Reichi’s experiences as a secret food critic for the New York Times. It’s a great read and puts a new spin on New York City dining. It will certainly be included in my July Book Review.

Happy summer everyone!



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