May Book Review

Cahoon Hollow Beach

Summer is finally here! We recently went to the Beachcomber for a birthday lunch. Oh my goodness, what a great meal we had- filled with nachos, clam chowder, fried clams, a scallop roll and a hamburger for Byron. The food was delicious and we loved the view from the parking lot shown above. The sun was shining, sunbathers were out and it just felt like summer. We could not be more delighted at the Captain Freeman Inn!

I read three books this month and was especially fond of one which is my first review. This book has actually been sitting on my night stand for months unread. The summary had compared it to Water for Elephants and I just found that book so sad, and I was just not ready to read another sad story.  I finally decided that this book had received so many great reviews that I just had to read it.

The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff

The Orphan’s Tale by Pam Jenoff

l found this historical novel to be captivating-  in so much as I could not put it down. I think most of us have a fascination with circuses and this story interweaves the life of a traveling German circus with the horrors of World War II and the holocaust.

Without giving too much away, a little summary of the plot- the younger main character Noa gets pregnant by a German soldier and is thrown out by her parents. She has the baby and is forced to give it up. She ends up cleaning and living at a near by railroad station where she finds a railcar filled with Jewish babies destined for a concentration camp. Feeling the loss of the child she just bore, she takes one of the babies and runs away in the woods. She is rescued by a worker from a German Circus who is performing nearby and the owner offers her a job.  The story shifts back and forth between Noa and Astrid, who is an acrobat that grew up with her Jewish families circus. Astrid is instructed to teach Noa how to be an acrobat since she is not Jewish and would allow the show to go on unnoticed.  The character development is complex and the story line amazing and unique with so much to absorb. After I finished the story I spent several days just thinking about the details and how the author took some historical facts and created such a remarkable tale of survival. The author had found two war time stories while doing her research that brought the story line together:  there really was a heartbreaking account of the “UnKnown Children” that was a box car filled with Jewish babies that were ripped from their families and destined to be killed. The horror of that is unimaginable! The second true fact was that there really was a German Circus that sheltered several Jewish families during the war. I would highly recommend reading this book.

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham

The Rooster Bar by John Grisham– I have read many Grisham novels over the years and I must admit I would never pay for one of his new novels as the stories all seem to end the same. With that said- when I saw this book left in our shared reading library i just wanted to read it:) I find his books easy to read, filled with suspense and usually a predictable ending.

A little summary of the plot to entice you- three law school students are in their third year when they realize they have been duped. The law school that they have borrowed so much money to attend is actually a for-profit mediocre school that has little reputation to get them a job. The antics that follow are actually hilarious at times and will keep you entertained.

How Now by Raphael Cushnir

How Now by Raphael Cushnir– A friends recently gave me this book as she thought the healing thoughts would help us through some hard family times. I was touched by the gesture and also touched by the book, as it is filled with helpful hints on how to celebrate the present moment. I have also been working on yoga, meditation and mindfulness and this book offers great suggestions on how to overcome stress, worry and pressure with inspiring practices to stay in the moment. This thought is perfect for me as I am constantly feeling guilt about my past and planning my future to the microlevel  which leaves little room to enjoy the present. A great little book that sits beside my bed, and I love to read a little each night before I go to sleep.

Donna at Nauset marsh

Happy summer everyone. May your month be filled with sunshine, vacations and plenty of time with family.





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