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First Encounter Beach

I enjoy blogging and thinking about my next title. The content usually flows with the seasons,  by what we are baking/cooking in the kitchen or what’s growing in the gardens. This past week we heard from several guests about the joy they receive from walking on our Cape Cod beaches. We walk Cape Cod bay year round- and have even been known to sun bathe in the  middle of winter. Harrison swims in the water year round and does not seem to mind- even when the temperatures are below freezing.

Cape Cod bay in January

Every time we come back from our beach walks we always seem to have a better perspective on life. I was recently touched by two guests that commented about how they felt while walking on our beaches:

National Seashore

The first story was told by a  dear repeat guest that Byron and I have become close to over the years. Their most recent trip was inspiring to us as they were celebrating a special anniversary and were having to work around some mobility issues of one. They clearly were determined to make the best of things and came back on their anniversary day with huge smiles on their faces. They had spent the day on Nauset Beach-not traveling out far but just far enough to get their feet in the sand, to see the beautiful beach and to hear the waves. They said the few hours spent on Nauset Beach that day was the absolute best part of their anniversary celebration. They felt loved, at peace and just content with life.

Bayside sunset

The second story was told by a recent guest that was visiting us from NYC. They told us that they both grew up on the coast of Spain where they met. They walked the beaches every day during their stay and talked about how our Brewster beaches reminded them of their childhood beach walks in Spain. They described the peace and serenity that they felt when they just walked on the beach- no words- just their feet in the sand and the sounds of waves coming in and out.

We are blessed at the Captain Freeman to have such a perfect location. Our guests can take a short stroll down to Breakwater Beach and walk for miles and miles on our pristine bay beach.

Breakwater beach

The afternoon light cascades beautiful coloring on the bay water.

This truly is a magical place on Cape Cod! Check out a previous blog to learn about our treasured National Seashore and consider a stay at the Captain Freeman Inn where Breakwater Beach is just a short stroll away and let the sand and waves speak to your soul!

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