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Winter on Cape Cod

This winter has been quite a doozy- not only on Cape Cod but across our glorious country, we have seen rain, fire, floods, mud slides and for us – wind, snow and rain. Thankfully, we faired fairly well at the Freeman with just a few trees down on our property in the back forest.

My nightly reading has been a little amiss these past few months, and I thought I would change the title- for just this one time:(  to be quarterly rather then my normal monthly review. I have read several great books, a few good ones and one that I could just not finish. I guess we all have one of those now and then.

Just love to hear your recommendations about your good reads and always remember that we have our share library at the inn.

A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable

A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable -I enjoyed reading this book and am always intrigued with novels that are inspired by real history.

The story line begins with main character, April who is an appraiser at Sothebys.  She is sent to Paris to appraise the contents of an apartment that has been vacant since the 1940s.  The intrigue to the story line was even more exciting when I learned that there really was an apartment in Paris that was unopened for over 70 years and that when revealed, was filled with priceless art and furniture- mostly from the Belle Époch era. Of course there is a French man who is the lawyer for the heir to the apartment and provides April with  journals written by the woman who lived there so many years ago. Always love an ending that is unexpected!

This book is a fast read with interesting details about Paris, and since I have always loved antiques the story line kept me intrigued.  What was a little amiss was the character development. I did not connect with the main character April and as the  chapters alternated between Marthe de Florian’s story told through the fictionalized diary entries and April’s thoughts as she prepares the goods for auction, I wanted to feel something deeper for both. The feelings April had for the French lawyer were also not developed completely- after all he was french and they were both in Paris!

Same kind of different as me by Ron Hall & Denver Moore

Same kind of different as me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore

A life changing true story written by two men, Ron Hall and Denver Moore. One man has led a very hard life picking cotton in virtual slavery. He is homeless but filled with spirituality. The other man is wealthy and struggling with spiritual strength to help his Christian wife through a terrible illness. The book is moving, engaging, and made me want to be a better person- to give back to others in a deeper way. Homelessness is a huge problem that needs to be addressed in our country.  I recently took a small step to help by joining in on a knit-a thon at  A Great Yarn  to help complete over 200 hand knitted blankets for a homeless shelter on Cape Cod. Check out a previous blog for details.



At Home in Midford by Jan Karon

Just smiling even thinking about this book. A guest suggested I look up this author since Byron and I were spending time in Blowing Rock, North Carolina- which is where the author lived and was inspired  to write the endearing series. The story begins with Father Tim who is the minister in Medford. His life is shaken up by a stray dog, a needy boy, a redheaded housekeeper, a jewelry theft, and a very attractive new neighbor. It’s old time America at it’s finest and I loved reading the first book in this series. When we visited Blowing Rock I almost felt like I would run into Father Tim. In this case the character development is perfectly done as I felt like I knew exactly how Father Tim would look and act- now that’s writing talent.


The Last Girls by Lee Smith

The Last Girls by Lee Smith

This is the one book I could not finish:(

The story line is  about 3 woman that went to college together. They decide to meet again to relive a trip they took together on a raft down the mighty Mississippi- this time to say goodbye to a 4th friend that took that trip too and had recently passed away.  The story goes back and forth in time from the present to the past when they were in college. I just could not get into the characters or the story line.


Be my reason by Samantha Christy

Be My Reason by Samantha Christy

Oh my goodness- are you looking for a great girly read that you cannot put down? Look no further! The main character is Brooklyn and she had a one night interlude with Nate when she was seventeen and then he left town unexpectedly.  She is crushed by that and not knowing why he left. Fast forward 10 years and they meet by chance. A great story filled with love, persistence and dreams.


How the light gets in by Louise Penny

How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny

A guest recommended this series and mentioned that the writing was so good you could also imagine being in the town, Three Pines, eating the food and visiting the bookstore. That really was true! I loved this book and realized later that I should have done more research to read the books in order- which includes Still Life through Beautiful Mystery. While I enjoyed this murder mystery immensely I did feel like I was missing some additional info on some of the characters. This author has created some characters that I really care about- how perfect is that! The ending in this book is pretty good too.

Looking forward to sharing my April Book Review. I’ve already read one great book and just received a new one from a guest that looks really good too! Reading myself to sleep is a wonderful new habit.

Springtime at the Captain Freeman Inn

Happy spring everyone and please pass on any good reads you may have. My daughter Jenn just suggested The Couple Next Door.










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