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Will you sponsor me to help the homeless on Cape Cod?


For the past couple of years Byron and I frequently talk about how we can give back to our community-not just by writing a check but by actually doing something to help.  The Boston Globe recently referred to the Cape Cod homeless as the “dark side of Cape Cod”- the place not pictured on postcards.

The opioid crisis continues to rage unabashed on Cape Cod with many of our youth being left homeless as well.


After visiting my favorite Yarn shop last week,  A Great Yarn, I was amazed to hear about a small way we can make a difference. For the third year in a row, A Great Yarn is partnering with the Housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod to sponsor a Knit-a-Thon to make blankets for the Cape’s homeless. Last year over 250 individuals participated in the event, collectively knitting 155 blankets for the Cape’s homeless, and also obtaining more than $6000 in donations. 100% of the contributions collected go to help the homeless of Cape Cod.

During my drive home, I knew I wanted to join their mission and also wanted to reach out to our guests, friends and family to ask if you would sponsor me on my quest to knit as many panels as I can during the month of February, March and April. If you are a knitter, you also could contribute by sending me your unused yarn or by knitting a panel yourself. (these panels would not count toward my knitting goals or final number you are sponsoring)

The knitting part is easy- participants can use up their extra yarn to knit one-foot wide and six-foot long panels using any washable worsted-weight yarn you like. The knitting instructions couldn’t be simpler: put 50 stitches on a size 8 needle, then use the garter stitch and keep knitting until you reach six feet.

My goal is to knit 4 panels by the end of April. I am seeking sponsors to donate $1 or more per foot toward my mission. If you sponsored $1 per foot and I reached my goal you would write a check to the housing Assistance Corporation of Cape Cod for $24. The average donation in the past has been $5 and if I reach my goal you would write a check for $100. This is a wonderful organization that really does make a difference on Cape Cod. Please consider sponsoring me.

We will keep every updated on my progress and you can e-mail us with your name and the amount you would like to sponsor.

Thank you in advance for considering joining us on this mission to help in a small way make life better for Cape Cod’s homeless.




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    • Thanks Denise. Have a great time with your daughter. Missed you at yoga today. It was a really full class!

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