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by Donna Cain


My goal is to read at least 4 new books every month. An easy goal in the winter as we have more free time. Now that we have one inn to tend to this summer (we sold Brewster by the Sea last November) I am determined to keep this goal over the summer months too.

This month I was so pleased with my selections as one was inspiring, one was a fun quick read, a little Grisham murder mystery mixed in with a tender love story. I usually choose fictional reads so that my mind can relax, hopefully learn something new and in my case eventually fall into a peaceful sleep. This summer we are hosting several inn tours with the historical society, and it seems appropriate to learn more about the sea captain that built our lovely inn, Captain William F Freeman.

Brewster Historal Society’s home at the the Captain Elijah Cobb House

One of next months reads will include a non-fiction book about Brewster and it’s Sea Captains.

It’s always fun to include my favorite first….

  1. Everything We Keep by Kerry Lonsdale  This is a fast paced woman’s fiction novel that has a unexpected ending. I fell in love with both of her sweethearts and could not decide which one I wanted her to end up with. I especially enjoyed the little sidebars of recipes she was creating in her mind for her new coffee shop. I thought all of the characters were well developed as I could almost imagine in my mind what they looked like. The story line is also a bit of a mystery novel that keeps you guessing right until the last page. This is a first book in a series, and I have already ordered the second one with a review to follow this summer.

2. Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo What a fun and exhilarating book!  As I believe everything in life comes to us at exactly the right moment, this book spoke to me personally. I recently have started yoga again and am passionate about taking time during my day to meditate. We have a very dear guest, Gena Bean from Mindful Boston that gave a series of seminars at the inn last summer on tips to improve your “mindfulness” skills AKA  meditation. The idea is simple and complex all in the same word!  I think Gena would approve of this book. Gena is visiting us in a few weeks with her husband and hoping I can pass on my copy to her as she has blessed me with many “mindful”gifts.

Gena Bean from Mindful Boston

The book starts out with a common story line- middle aged successful father/husband decides to go on a road trip with his sister to take care of some family business after their parents died suddenly. The story line takes a quick change of events when he ends up with an unlikely companion – a Russian guru named Rinpoche who his sister wants to leave her inheritance to. The road trip turns out to be a transformative spiritual journey instead of a road trip to get from point A to Point B.

The story line and characters had me smiling throughout the book!

The Cat in the Hat at our famous Brewster Bookstore

3. The Storied Life of A.J. Fiery by Gabrielle Zevin  A dear guest recommended this read (thanks Donna), and I am so glad she did as I enjoyed this story line very much. It’s a heart warming tale about a curmudgeon bookstore owner who lives on a fictitious island called Alice Island just off the coast of Cape Cod. It spoke of current issues that face small community bookstores such as our wonderful Brewster Bookstore. The book is funny, sad, literary with comments about real and not real books. I felt connected to all of the characters….especially in the end to AJ who was the main character.

4. The Whistler by John Grisham I was in just the right mood to read this mystery novel by Grisham. Unfortunately, the plot was simply not a page-turner as I had remembered in reading  “The Firm” or “The Pelican Brief.” After reading the first few chapters I was able to correctly guess the ending. Not a good thing when reading a mystery novel!

Happy April Fools day everyone. Plan a trip to our special Captain Freeman Inn where you can find a share bookcase with all of these reads. Consider reading some of my past book reviews:

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