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by Donna Cain

At the end of our season, just before our winter renovations begin, we like to research the current travel trends to see if we need to modify our remodeling priorities. After doing the old fashion “google search” of Top Travel trends in 2017 these were the trends that caught my eye:

  1. I have always respected Forbes as a travel site and was intrigued with their take in a recent article  titled- The Experts View: Five new Travel Trends for 2017. While some did not apply to our niche several were right on. “The Pared Back Hotel- A new definition of luxury is on the cards. Gone is old-school opulence – overblown, fussy and formal – and in is a pared-back approach that focuses on pampering and soothing the senses. Contemporary chic these days means less is more. That’s not to say, however, that comfort will be skimped on – importantly, what is on offer is of the very best quality. In these new-style properties, for example, surplus furniture in hotel rooms is de-cluttered and simplified, and, instead, the emphasis is on what we really what: a large, über-comfortable bed, intelligent technology and luxe textiles. Bathrooms are spacious and decadent – giving the occupant encouragement for relaxation time and finding head-space. Meanwhile, at the in-house restaurants, chefs have honed and edited their menus and wine lists, ensuring the very best value and choice” When we first purchased the Captain Freeman Inn 7 years ago we knew we did not want to create a stuffy Victorian bed and breakfast even though our building had Victorian architecture that was loaded with lace and period wallpaper. Instead we wanted to create an atmosphere that is both casual and elegant and most importantly comfortable and relaxing. We have always said that the most important thing we can do is to have a really great bed and a really good breakfast. Those two items continue to be top on our priority list along with luxurious bathrooms and efficient mechanics including new central air throughout our building with individual thermostats. 
  2. Also from Forbes is the idea of  “The Edible Resort- Farm-to-table, ocean-to-plate, beehives on roofs, rambling kitchen gardens… the rise of the ‘edible’ resort seems unstoppable.”  I was raised with vegetables and fruit coming from our families garden and believing that organic and fresh is BEST! Many of our guests come to enjoy all of the healthy living that surrounds us, including our beaches, bike and walking paths along with the fresh, wholesome food that is freshly prepared at the inn.  Our spring plans include a new country garden complete with a bee hive. Shown below is our inspiration and Byron tells me that our garden will look like that in 2 years:) We have a thriving raspberry patch that gave us dozens of jars of our homemade raspberry jam and the inn is surrounded by beautiful gardens with lots of bird and bee activity.
  3. Also included in the Forbes article  is the thought that “‘There is without doubt an increased awareness of the provenance of what we eat,” says John Goldwyn, vice president of Planning and Landscape at WATG. “Our focus increasingly is on creating hotel landscapes that are edible ornamental gardens.” We are clearing the land to the back of our property with plans to add native plants that are recommended by the Cape Cod Native Plant Initiative Native plants that thrive on Cape Cod also have the added benefit of providing natural food and shelter for birds, butterflies and other wildlife. We have our eye on:  Bear Berry

High Bush Blueberry Butterfly Milkweed  and many herbs


4. U.S. News also published an interesting article by Liz Weiss, titled The Biggest Travel Trends to Watch in 2017. You’ll Go Green was noted high on the list “With a rising consumer and industry interest in ecotourism, hotels, tour operators and outfitters will incorporate responsible practices and encourage travelers to plan low-impact getaways, Warren says. Traveling shorter distances is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint, she explains. “One trans-Atlantic flight equals a year’s worth of driving, so consider planning an adventure closer to home,” she says, highlighting Canada as an ideal place for a green getaway. “Another way to bring sustainability to the forefront of your travels is to chose hotels and restaurants that are eco-minded in their practices.” The Captain Freeman inn was awarded the Green Silver Level Award from Trip Adviser for responsible Green Seal Practices. We continue to offer guests ways to recycle their products and support movements to lessen our footprint at the inn. Our pool will be updated this spring to include a solar heater so that our guests can enjoy warm water in our shoulder seasons.

5. Liz noted a trend amongst airlines and hoteliers of High-Paying Loyalists Being Rewarded. The Captain Freeman Inn is a new member of the distinguished inns of  Select Registry. Within Select Registry is a reward program of guests receiving a $100 gift certificate after staying 12 nights at any of their 325 properties in North America. The Freeman also offers a 10% discount to repeat guests that have stayed at the inn 3 or more times for any future visit.  We treasure and appreciate our repeat guests:)

6. Last but not least is a new travel term that tickled me, “Bleisure travel” where you blend a business trip with a holiday. With all of the business travel to Boston, why not plan a restful and relaxing trip to Cape Cod and stay at the award winning Captain Freeman Inn.

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