Our treasured town of Brewster on Cape Cod

by Donna Cain

As I was thinking of a new blog subject I had to chuckle when I realized I have not talked about Brewster of late. Our little town is a treasure and is filled with so many wonderful things to see and do. It’s a combination of history, nature, beaches, theatre, unique shopping and galleries, bike and walking trails and as you drive along the old historic highway one can get a true flavor of what Cape Cod looked like many years ago. We have many historic buildings, and Brewster is known as the Sea Captain’s town as  many of these homes were originally built by Sea Captains. Our inn was built by Willam F. Freman in 1866.


He was a highly successful sea merchant with many large ships that were moored in Boston. He chose our location as it was just a short stroll down to Breakwater Beach where he would catch a packet ship to ferry over to Boston. Packet ships were used to haul people and goods over shallow waters because of their flat bottoms.

We have collected many wonderful pictures of our little town and it’s always fun to let the pictures do the talking……


we are known for our beautiful sunsets. It’s a magnificent sight to see the spectacular colors  cascade over our beautiful Cape Cod Bay.


We love our Brewster General Store which is just a few steps from the inn. It is filled with penny candy, unique gifts and is a gathering place 12 months a year for both locals and visitors.


Stony Brook Grist Mill and Museum and Herring Run is a quiet reminder that this location was a busy 17th century industrial area. The present grist mill was built in 1873 where water flowing over the water wheel creates power to grind corn between giant millstones. We purchase cornmeal from this mill in the summer to make corn muffins and a delicious blueberry cake for our guests.


Brewster is on the bay side and Breakwater beach is just a short stroll from the inn. Very frequently you can hear the sounds of sea gulls.


Harrison and I are sitting on the Whale stone at Drummer Boy park. We have been called a “Whale of a good town”


Nature abounds here in Brewster, and we have the lovely Nickerson State Park just up the road. Nickerson is filled with kettle ponds, bike and walking trails and many wooded areas to explore.


Brewster is known for our tidal flats. Every 6 hours the tide comes in and out. At low tide you can walk to the middle of the bay and explore all of the sea life.


High tide on the bay side allows for boating and swimming. Our guests always comment that they are amazed at the difference of each beach at low and high tide.


The Cape cod rail trail runs through Brewster and goes all the way up to the National Seashore.


We have a wonderful osprey pair that comes back year after year to the Natural History Museum. It’s fun to watch them soar over the salt marsh.


We have a very picturesque windmill in town in Drummer Boy Park. It’s a great place to have a picnic or fly a kite.


Paines Creek in Brewster is a unique beach as the creek feeds into the bay and it’s always fun to ride the currents.


Summer sand castles are always fun……and Brewster is a treasure!

Happy summer.

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