Decorating at the Inn-Segment 2-the Brewster Room

Metal canopy in our Brewster room

Our Brewster room was originally designed for Captain Freeman’s daughter, Clara. Have to smile as this is the only guest room in our building that has a LARGE original closet:) Like all of our boutique rooms at our inn, we have refurbished/redecorated each room 2-3 times in our tenure as inn keepers at the Freeman.

This is a shot of our first remodel when we purchased the inn. Oh my goodness- the horrible pink wall paper. Hard to believe we kept that until the second go round several years later as shown below:

A huge improvement but still not totally right. Notice the Butter Cream Yellow walls:) I am not a pink person and had actually had the pillows and bed skirt hand made to match the old pink wall paper. They were in such good condition I thought the modern picture might tie everything together- #1 lesson I learned from this – if you really don’t like something i.e. the pink color in the room, start over fresh with new colors. I even invested in the curtain panels to match the pink pillows;(

We lived with this decor for 4 years and every time I walked into this room I felt like something was just not right. For me, it was the color tones and I knew we eventually wanted to invest in a new mattress and king bed and could change things up at that time. Luck would have it last year we had some unexpected plumbing issues on the third floor that dripped down on the Brewster ceiling.  Rather than patch, we decided it was time for our sunny Brewster room to get a total remodel/refurbish.  Since the whole ceiling had to be torn down, Byron decided it was a good opportunity to totally rewire the room and to add a ceiling fan and pendant.

Ekornes recliner in the corner

We have had good luck with Restoration Hardware’s goods and both the ceiling fan and pendant came from them. When I know I need a few decorator items (and I can almost ALWAYS find what I like from Restoration Hardware) I turn to their web site. If you sign up for their Member pricing by paying $100 a year, you get 25% off their normal price. If you need some big ticket items it almost always saves you a bundle. And yes, while their prices are more than Home Depot and what you might find on Overstock, we feel that the electronics in our building need to be built well and last a long time. And ohhh, the pendants that they have- all so beautiful and unique.

What is the feeling you want to convey

After I decided on the electronics for the electrician, I now had to decide on the decor. It’s been top priority for all of our rooms to be comfortable, not overly decorated and to have a feeling of simple elegance. I also wanted this room to appeal to our younger travelers and wanted to bring in an Industrial touch to the decor. I knew that could be achieved with the wall colors and bed choices.

Paint Colors

Paint colors come and go! I do try to stay current with my color choices when we redecorate. I recently read that red and yellow are now not a popular choice in the design world for your wall color. I just had to smile as I have never really liked yellow and always found it a difficult color to decorate with, and I never used much red as a main wall color as I just felt like it would be too bold. We did paint our small half bath in the kitchen area red and I actually have enjoyed it. Would I ever paint a room red again- probably not! It’s ironic that the second redecorate color in the Brewster room was Butter Yellow.

I have had great success using different tones of grey in our kitchen and private areas so I thought a deep tone of grey would work well in the Brewster room. They say that light grey tones are now the new white. The Brewster room is a very sunny room which I knew could carry the darker color tones. I love how the new paint card samples from your local paint store actually makes it very easy as each tone has 4-5 colors on the sample card which goes from light to dark.  I brought several cards home and landed on California Paint Smooth Slate (75493) for the bed wall and a lighter tone for the ceiling and other three walls of Oyster Pearl ( 75491) It’s always fun when you start painting a wall and almost immediately know you have chosen well. I am a huge fan of purchasing small paint samples and testing the colors first. The lighting in each room can dramatically change the color.

Products chosen for this room

And now the fun part- choosing the bed. I have five companies that I turn to to look for new product- In order of favorites:

Restoration Hardware

Pottery Barn

Crate and Barrel

West Elm

Room and Board




Ceiling fan from Restoration Hardware-

Ceiling pendant over the Ekornes recliner- (they no longer have the exact one we purchased but this one is close)

Metal Canopy–

#2 decorating tip- never underestimate what you can find in your local Thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales and consignment stores.

I found this lovely Lane wicker chest, mirror and night stand at our local consignment shop. I can’t remember what I payed for it but do remember it was a tremendous bargain and I knew the green color would fit into many of our rooms. I love having pretty mirrors in our halls and rooms. General designer rule if possible is to place the mirror on a wall that reflects pretty scenery.

Whenever possible you need to have night stands on each side of the bed. We found this marble night stand in an antique store in Maine. I think we payed $40 for it as it was unstable and the wood was an ugly cherry color. Byron made it stable with new screws and I painted the base black- Viola- a wonderful designer night stand. I do have a pet peeve about matching pieces in a collection i.e. a matching dresser with 2 night stands. I like the eclectic look where things don’t match perfectly.

Window Treatments

When we purchased the inn we invested in quality Hunter Douglas wood blinds for all the rooms. They have served us well and not only look good but also function well and provide our guests with privacy and room darkening when needed.

I do like to add fabric panels on each side of the window. It serves two purposes- it softens the rooms and because I like to have the panels go to the ceiling- adds height to the room too. I use to purchase my window treatments from Country Curtains and frequently they had a pattern and color in them. I grew up with Country Curtains as they started in my home town in the Berkshires- sadly they went out of business several years ago as they just could not keep up with the times. I now like simple linen panels in either white, cream or grey. I love the way they move with the breezes and let in partial sun- they just look fresh and clean. I have found some great linen values on Pottery Barn when they have sales and I love the pillows from West Elm.

Last but not least we have added bedroom benches at the foot of most of our beds at the inn. We just find them so useful- a perfect place to sit to put on your shoes or to place a bag. They are moderately priced and really fit in with most decors. We liked this one which we recently purchased -

Hope you enjoyed Segment two of our design series. It’s been fun for me to look at old pictures and to see how the inn has evolved over the past few years.

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