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Everything in life comes with responsibilities and how we decide to play our life forward, especially as we get older and as so many of us realize, as we get wiser:) – it’s important that we make our world a better place to be! Not that I wasn’t a good mother, friend, wife, daughter in my younger years, I just feel that I now have the tools and strength to be a better human!

I was reminded over and over again during our March vacation the importance of a “village” !  With all of the crazy things happening in our world, the one thing I can control is how I react and play forward to the family, friends, guests at the inn and neighbors that surround us.

Daughter April with grandson Able

Both of our daughters were able to join us these past few weeks. I am just so darn proud of the strong mothers I have raised. April has a new 7 month old baby, Able and our daughter Jenn is raising two adopted sons, Trenton & Josh. We continue to grieve the loss of our dear son Nathan last year. He brought us so much joy, and we know in our hearts, he is smiling above, as we continue to play forward the care and grace he showed to so many.

Grandsons Trenton & Josh
Our Dallas family

Jennifer is a former teacher and has so many skills to help her two sons navigate a hard path of coming from some unfortunate circumstances when they were young.

our Dallas family visiting at Christmas

She has the patience of a saint and Trenton & Josh are so lucky to have her as a mom.

Grandson Able

We have so enjoyed having our little Able with us. He is quite a joy, and we have been reminded  how fun  a little one can be. One evening last week Able was having a hard time going to sleep. We each took turns holding and singing to him and at one point April came out and said “Mom, I need more patience to raise Able” I just smiled and said to her- “you’ll be just fine as you are such a wonderful mom and you have a village to help” – I knew she immediately felt better and happy to report that Poppy had success wooing Able to sleep with his gentle ways. The thought of a “village” and how important that concept is keeps coming back in my thoughts. We do need more villages in our world today. We need grandparents to help our children raise responsible children and adults, we need communities to help those in need, we need to help our neighbors when they are having a hard time and we just need to be more caring and thoughtful to those around us.

Corduroy Book by Don Freeman

Being an innkeeper brings us many unique and wonderful guests. I always love when our expectant parents come stay with us. It’s just such a joy to feel their excitement about their new upcoming family. We created a wonderful “Baby Moon Package” which is just so much darn fun. I also mixed a special tea which is great for expectant moms filled with chamomile to help calm their changing bodies. The package includes a cute teddy bear, some comforting amenities for our expectant moms and this great little book that I read to our kids when they were young, and I now read to our grandsons.  It’s those memories in life that I believe our children and grandchildren remember. It’s not the toys and electronics that we bought them, it’s the time and love that we gave them that makes the difference.

I am also reminded many times of the importance of this village when we have young parents come stay with us. When they arrive I can almost feel their stress and anxiety and almost always when I ask them who is taking care of your kids while you get away? They almost always respond – “Our parents are watching them, and we know they are in good hands”  It’s the village that allows our adult children to rest when they are so tired they can hardly think straight and after all, isn’t that what grandparents were meant to do?

I love being a grandmother and an innkeeper and feel blessed to share our beautiful home with our guests and family and providing surroundings that will nurture and rest our souls.

Front flag at the inn

Here’s to playing it forward and having a village to nurture our families.

breakfast in our living room at the inn


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