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Marla catching a stripper

About Sport Fishing on Cape Cod

We have lots of friends that love to sport fish on Cape Cod and every once in a while our friends will bring us some of their fresh catch-what a treat! The other day one of our favorite spa therapists texted us to ask if we would like some fresh Blue Fish. She sent us the text with the following picture:)

Marla with her catch of the day- a Blue Fish

Gotta love this girl! Afterwards I realized that Marla would be the perfect person to educate me on sport fishing on Cape Cod. She was married to a fishermen and now loves to sport fish with friends that have a boat in P’Town. She was filled with some great fishing stories and tons of great pictures for me to share in this blog.

Weighing the catch

What charters are on Cape Cod

The Cape is filled with many fishing captains- some part time, some retires living the dream and some using their fishing skills as a full time job. What you can be assured of is that all of the fishing captains on Cape Cod love what they do and want to share their passion and love of the catch with their clients. Trip Adviser is a great resource to scope out the different captains and charters. Always keep in mind which harbor you would like to leave from, with Rock Harbor, Sesuit Harbor, Chatham and Harwich Port being close to the Captain Freeman Inn. The Cape Cod Chamber web site is also a great resource to plan your fishing charters.

Marla with her Black Bass

What kind of fish are on Cape Cod

(information below from the Sport Fishing on Cape Cod Web Site)

Striped Bass, Black Bass & Bluefish

Cape Cod is filled with many great fishing spots including the fishing grounds off of Nauset & Coast Guard beaches to the north, and Monomoy Rips & Nantucket Shoals to the south. During the summer and fall the waters east and south of Chatham are filled with abundant supplies of bait fishes. You sometimes can see the fish from your boat when drifting over the more shallow rips. Sometimes large schools of Striped Bass, Bluefish and small Bluefin Tuna will come to the surface and can be caught by casting to them. The fishing season usually starts in early June with the early fish being located in the rips near Nantucket.

There also is a ¬†migration of striped bass to the west side of Monomoy where you will find shoals or “flats” there. By the first of July, the water temps on the east side of Monomoy Island and Chatham have warmed enough for the schools of sand eels to attract the bass around the point, providing some unbelievable top water fly fishing action.

Measuring the catch

Bluefish are also very prevalent in Nantucket Sound in the early season and as the waters warm they come around the tip of Monomoy and can be caught with the light tackle off the east side of Chatham as well.


The Chatham Municipal Fish Pier is located on the elbow of Cape Cod, jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean where these fish congregate every summer to feed on the teeming bait supply located here. Chatham is halfway between Stellwagon Bank and the Regal Sword area and smack dab in the middle of the most productive bluefin tuna waters on the coast! The famed Great South Channel is just another 7 miles further south. Bluefin Tuna charters cost more due to the longer distance and special beer required to catch them.
According to Captain Bruce from Sport Fishing on Cape Cod,¬†“the best fishing is usually at the times of slack water (the period of low water movement when the tide changes direction) and dawn or dusk, so to make sure we have the travel time to get to the spot before dawn, departures in the very early morning are common. We can troll, chum, jig, or use live bait for Bluefin tuna that are prevalent in our waters from June through November. Trolling is the famous Chatham squid rigs, a number of vinyl squids rigged in a pattern to instigate a strike. Chumming is drifting with cut bait, such as herring, cod entrails, mackerel or butterfish. Many blue and other large sharks will come to the chum line and be caught. Live bait fishing with a live bluefish, whiting or ground fish is by far the most exciting way to catch a giant Bluefin. Shores Charters provides a minimum of four custom made 8 foot bent butt 130 lb class tuna rods equipped with 130 class Penn International or Shimano Tiagra reels for the Giant tuna. Our standup gear is 80 pound Tiagra reels with Shimano 5.5 foot bent butt stand up rods for the medium sized fish. We go after these larger prized Bluefin Tuna as serious business. My boat is small and these fish are big and powerful. The 80 pound class gear is used with safety harnesses and fighting belts for your safety. We also have a complete arsenal of Shimano spinning reels and Van Stall rods, if you care to try your luck against these fish with light tackle jigging techniques.
The daily bag limits and other regulations on these pelagic fishes are complicated and can change during the season depending on the sizes of the fish and the amount of quota harvested. Please take the time to research these regulations before your trip. The web address for these regulations is https://hmspermits.noaa.gov.”

Other Fishing Options

While most of the sport fishing is done off shore on motor boats equipped for fishing, there also are many other options to catch fish, including using bait to fish in our beautiful kettle ponds or off our shores.

Nickerson State Park stocks their lakes with trout every year and we frequently see fishermen when we walk Harrison around the lakes.

Harrison in Flax Pond

We also have seen Paddle boarders fishing from their boards

Breakwater beach at high tide

And fishing from your kayak…

Relax at the Captain Freeman Inn

Our boutique seaside inn is a perfect location to enjoy a relaxing getaway on Cape Cod that can include a fishing charter. Let us help you plan your fishing adventure and afterwards come back to the inn for a refreshing swim in our salt water pool, have a relaxing massage in your room and later walk to Spinnakers for a delicious meal.

Thanks Marla for sharing all your pictures and some of your delicious catch.

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