Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod

By Donna Cain


Nickerson State Park has over 1,900 acres and is located in our beautiful town of Brewster on Cape Cod and is just up the street from the Captain Freeman Inn. The park is full of beautiful forests, walking and bike trails, breathtaking kettle ponds and nature at its finest!

Yesterday, we happened onto Ruth’s Pond which is smaller and has a bike path on one side. The Cape Cod Rail trail web site gave wonderful directions to this lake if you wanted to walk or ride from the main entrance.

“Park opposite the Silas Road gate (001) on Nook Road, about 3 miles from the main entrance to Nickerson State Park. Walk west briefly to the woods road headed north (002), then north to the foot of Little Cliff Pond (003), and around the west shore to (004).

Follow the shore of Cliff Pond to (007). Walk along the side of the hill east of Grassy Nook Pond to Nook Road (008). Walk up the hill south to the Ruth Pond bicycle trail. Walk that, or an adjacent woods road to (009), then the bicycle trail to the shore of Ruth Pond (010).

Walk west to the gate to Silas Road (011), then loop around on Silas Road past (012), (013), and (014) back to (001). Five miles.”


Harrison loves to swim in the lake!


These little berries can be found throughout the park. I have a special fondness for these berries as I use to collect them as a young child with my mother and grandmother , and we would make little winter terrariums with moss.


Ruth Pond is also stocked in the summer with fish and many fishermen can be seen around the lake. The largest lake, perfect for swimming in the summer, is  Cliff Pond ( 0.7 miles (1.1 km) across) and we enjoy walking around the smaller ponds which includes  Flax Pond, Little Cliff Pond, and Higgins Pond.


We are so lucky to have such a beautiful park close by. There is something magical about walking the bike path in the winter when there is a light snow dusting and our footprints are the only ones of the morning.


Harrison agrees!

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