Members of the “clean plate club” the Captain Freeman Inn

by Donna Cain

Chef Nick at his best!
Chef Nick at his best!

Nick and I work together serving breakfast at the Captain Freeman, and we always have a good time as well as mustering some good ideas for me to blog about.

I was especially pleased with our menu that day and commented that all of the plates and dishes were coming back empty. Nick said “we are members of the empty plate club” which was a saying his dear Nona use to say to him as a child. Needless to say Nick’s Nona would be pleased with our guests as all of the plates came back empty- which is always a good sign that they enjoyed their breakfast.

I love to test different sauces and pureas on our fruit and breakfast dishes and this morning we decided to serve a carafe of raspberry sauce for our guests to add to their melon fruitini.


Melon and blueberry fruitini
Melon and blueberry fruitini



our main course included a delicious fall fritatta made with squash and zuchinni. Please note the before and after pictures.



Our fritattas are so easy to make and during the warmer months always include fresh herbs form the garden. This morning we used parsley and chives.

Fresh parsley from our garden
Fresh parsley from our garden

So here’s to the Captain Freeman joining the “Clean Plate club” and “Exhaling on Cape Cod”

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