Byron and Harrison’s Polar Plunge on New Year’s Day

by Donna Cain, Innkeeper and wife

Byron's polar plunge
Byron’s polar plunge

Polar Plunges have become popular these days and while I am always game for doing something fun and crazy jumping into frigid Cape Cod waters never came to my mind as something I wanted to do.

Byron and I just figured out how to sync our phone calenders, and he had written in a walk on Nauset Beach with Harrison for New Year’s day. I hadn’t given it much thought as we love to walk on the beach at Nauset for all seasons, especially in the winter when the beach is deserted.

Byron and Harrison walking to the beach
Byron and Harrison walking to the beach

So here is how it happened…Byron informed me that he really wanted to start the year out with a bang! So he asked for towels and his bathing suit which was stored in the attic. I just kept smiling thinking that he would not follow through with this plan as the beach winds would be very cold.

Harrison getting excited
Harrison getting excited

Harrison is always ready for a walk on the beach, and he almost always does the polar plunge. The cold water does not seem to bother him.

Byron getting ready
Byron getting ready

As we neared the beach we were both laughing and happy.

Byron running
Byron running

I was amazed how fast everything happened.

Before I knew it Byron was under the waves.

Time to get dressed
Byron taking the “big” plunge!

IMG_0285I was also amazed how quickly the clothes went back on:)

IMG_0288Thank you my love for making New Year’s Day 2014 so special and memorable!

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