The Chatham Fish Pier

When asked, we love being tour guides for our guests. Top of our list is a visit to Chatham to enjoy the quaint downtown area and afterwards a visit to the Chatham Light House and the Chatham Fish Pier.

Chatham Fish Pier

The fish pier was opened in 1946 and is the home to many commercial fishermen on Cape Cod. This perfect location makes easy access for the fishermen to reach their fishing grounds which can be as close as  3 miles from the pier or as far as 100 miles for the larger boats.

We always tell our guests to try to time their visit around noon when most of the boats are returning with their catch of the day which can include, haddock, cod, flounder, pollack, dogfish, halibut and lobster. The pier includes a great observation deck that overlooks Aunt Lydia’s Cove, Tern Island Sanctuary and beyond to the open Atlantic. The views from this deck are one of the most spectacular vistas Cape Cod has to offer.

During your visit enjoy some fried clams or a cup of fresh chowder at the Fish Shack close by. It closes after Columbus Day weekend.

It’s quite a site to see the fish being unloaded and placed on ice where it will be transported to refrigerated trucks going to Boston, New York and New Bedford. on our most recent trip the boats were unloading buckets and buckets of Dog Fish- not my favorite fish although I hear stories about how this fish which is plentiful and easy to catch is making a comeback.

Seals at the Chatham Fish Pier

During your visit to the pier you will probably see lots of seals and seagulls who are always wishful for a mid-day snack from the fishermen.

Visitors can park for free in the upper parking lot and can easily walk to the lower pier and observation deck to witness the silly antics of the seals and to appreciate where our fresh fish come from.

The Chatham Bar’s Inn- is just up the street and worthy of a visit. We love to get a glass of wine and relax on their front porch. The views are spectacular and the historical building a treat to visit.

Afterwards, come back to our boutique bed and breakfast and relax on our beautiful front porch with an afternoon treat or a glass of sherry or port. It’s fun to rock life away and just realize the importance of a stress free holiday on Cape Cod.

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