June Book Review

Trenton and Josh at Paine’s Creek

Summer is here and we are in heaven! The Captain Freeman Inn is shining with new central air, beautiful gardens and our inviting salt water pool.

We are also pretty excited as our two grandson, Trenton and Josh are visiting us from Texas. With our new innkeeper Espi on board, we have been able to take time away from the inn to play with the boys. On Sunday we went to Paine’s Creek and had a wonderful afternoon playing in the sand and hunting for crabs. Paine’s Creek is such a magical beach- both for its sunsets and swimming.

Paine’s Creek

In the winter time I try to read 3-4 books each month but in the summer time my goal is 2. Happy to report I just finished my second last night- better late then never! It’s interesting for me to see what books we are attracted to and what ends up on my nightstand to read. The first one, The Secret Keeper, I am ashamed to admit sat on my night stand for over a year. I loved the summary and thought the book would be so good but every time I started reading it I never could get into the plot. More on that later. The second one just sounded good when I was pursuing Amazon for a new read. Loved both- easy reads- unpredictable endings which is always a good thing.

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

The story line opens in England in 1959. Laurel is dreaming alone in her childhood tree house when she witnesses a terrible crime committed by her mother to a stranger approaching their home. Fast forward 50 years and we learn about Laurel as a successful actress coming home for her mother’s 90th birthday party. Her childhood memories are consuming her and she decides to find out the truth about her mother and what happened on that terrible day. We move back to the 1940s during the World War 2 blitz in London to find the answers to the family mystery that “started” in the 1960s, which a daughter is trying to solve in the present day 2011. The author jumps between time periods and writes from several  characters’ perspectives.  At first I was a little confused moving back and forth between timelines but once I had all the character and story line straight I was immersed in this book. The ending really surprised me- having NO idea of the conclusion- it actually was a perfect ending and a very pleasing story. Would highly recommend,



Death of Mrs. Westaway by Ruth Ware

This author also wrote The woman in Cabin 10 which I enjoyed so this seemed like a perfect choice for my next read. After reading just a few chapters the style reminded me of an Agatha Christie story.  The story begins with a 21 year old tarot card reader that just lost her mother. She is struggling to pay her bills and is hiding from a loan shark. She then receives a letter from a lawyer informing her that she has been named a beneficiary to the estate of her grandmother who she knew nothing of.  Although she knows this must be some sort of mistake, she decides to head to the funeral of her supposed late grandmother and see if she could collect some monies to get herself out of the financial jam she is in. The suspense then moves vey quickly. I was amazed at how the author could create a scene, and I could almost feel like I was there- feeling the rain and wind in and old English Manor, the smell and taste of greasy fish and chips when you are hungry or the fear after meeting the creepy housekeeper. Written in a true Gothic style the author draws you in to the creepy characters and dark, gloomy houses. Just like my first read the ending took me off my feet and was very unexpected.  Loved it!

Happy 4th of July everyone.

We still have a few openings over the summer. Let our Cape Cod sunsets speak to your soul. This picture was just taken at Breakwater Landing last night.

And while we may be in a heat wave, our guests have been so happy going to the beach by day, relaxing by the pool in the late afternoon, enjoying an evening meal and then sleeping like a baby in our luxurious central air boutique rooms.

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