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by Donna Cain, Innkeeper and owner

We are busy innkeepers on Cape Cod managing two lovely Bed and Breakfasts in Brewster, Brewster by the Sea and the Captain Freeman Inn. One of the best parts of being an innkeeper is having the opportunity to visit with guests. We love to sit down when they first arrive to help with any dining or activity planning. The next morning at breakfast we always ask, how did you sleep and how was your day? We learn so much from our guests and learning about the wonderful art that is on Cape Cod is no exception. Many of our guests love to include stops at their favorite art galleries during their stay.  Art is such a wonderful part of what makes Cape Cod special. We attract many talented artists that in many cases have their home and gallery together in many of our quaint sea towns.

Mark Kundmann
Marc Kundmann

My absolute favorite artist on Cape Cod is Marc Kundmann. His work can be seen at the Addison Art Gallery in Orleans. He described his recent work as “an exploration of painting with encaustic wax, one of the oldest forms of painting. The technique allows me to build and remove textured layers of color, transparency, and pigments. Keeping true to that first piece of advice, I try to focus on the joy of creating, and also painting with honesty. My hope is that the resulting layers create not only intriguing and beautiful surfaces, but also give emotional life to the subjects, whether figures, structures, or boats, and hint at the mystery inside” I love the picture he did shown above that is titled “Welcoming Committee”

Managing editor of Cape Cod Life, Susan Dewey, described it perfectly, ” Art is all about making connections, the artist to the subject, the viewer to the artist’s work”. Such a simple statement but the meaning so paramount.

I just looked through the recent Cape Cod Life annual publication of Cape Cod Art. I always look forward to seeing which local artist they have chosen to preview. While I am no expert in art, I loved Art History in college and love walking through galleries. My eye immediately can zone into what I like and what I don’t…….I guess after all that’s what art should be about…’s all in the eye of the beholder or in artists case the eye of the buyer:)

Some of my favorites included:

Eric Abrecht- his work is represented by Eisenhauer Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard. His present work includes landscapes which surprisingly are not about the place. The painting’s are powerful and used as a departure point. “For me, the landscape is just being used as a vehicle for the paint application to play around with colors and movement”, Abrecht says. “It’s a good home base to start from-there’s a lot of different directions I can take”. He presents the idea of a landscape and encourages his viewers to be transported. These are hazy, unspecific places of the imagination.

Kimberlee Alemian- her work may be seen at the Elizabeth Rowley Gallery in Orleans. I love Kimberlee’s work! Alemian’s vivid emotionally immediate paintings are a work of evolution. According to Alemian it’s about ” painting, scraping, sanding, and going back into it sort of like palimpsest she says of her method.In addition to the charcoal and pastels are drawn into her paintings and leave traces of the history of the painting” her floral paintings create a unique lighting pattern.

Herb Edwards- his work can be seen at his gallery in Cataumet. While many painters devote themselves to a single medium, Edwards finds merit in both oil and acrylic. His diverse paintings in both mediums have a lightness of touch and simplicity on line reflecting the natural uncluttered beauty of New England and America’s far west. As quoted in the magazine that summarizes his work so perfectly” From Impressionistic pieces like “Sunny Afternoon”, to more austere, Hopper-like works with bare renderings of line and color such as “Inner Harbor”, Edwards paintings reflect the simple beauty and symmetry of natural surroundings that have always been his source of inspiration.”

The Cape is a wonderful place to live and visit. Having so much wonderful art here is just the icing on the cake.

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