Best Carrot Cake ever!

by Donna Cain I have always loved carrot cake. It was my mom’s favorite cake and whenever we asked what cake she wanted for her birthday she would always say- “Carrot Cake please”. I usually make a family recipe that is in our cookbook. It is fairly dense, full of … Read more

Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival

by Donna Cain I have always loved hydrangeas! We have many hydrangea plants in our gardens and many of our brides use them in their bouquets. Our in- house photographer always gets creative with the pictures of our bride’s bouquet as shown here with our front statues.  In my mind,  … Read more

Lemon Thyme Muffin Recipe

by Donna Cain I love trying new recipes and the internet provides endless opportunities for new ideas for our breakfasts at the Captain Freeman Inn. We have been revamping our summer menu with a new goal to balance our sweet and savory breakfasts with less carbs. When we serve a … Read more

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