Lemon Thyme Muffin Recipe

by Donna Cain I love trying new recipes and the internet provides endless opportunities for new ideas for our breakfasts at the Captain Freeman Inn. We have been revamping our summer menu with a new goal to balance our sweet and savory breakfasts with less carbs. When we serve a … Read more

April Book Review

by Donna Cain It’s been a very productive April at the Captain Freeman.  I loved all of my April reading books and am excited to share the details with our readers and guests in this blog. We also finished building our new vegetable and herb garden. Shown above is our inspiration- … Read more

Fleur Spice Tonics at the Captain Freeman Inn

by Donna Cain I always love when our kids come home to visit. Since our remodel of the Captain Freeman Inn we have a guest room in our private quarters which allows us to always have room for our favorite visitors- our family! Our middle daughter April surprised us with a … Read more

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PackagesThe whales are here and our Frolicking with Whales package is a great way to see these magnificent creatures close up!

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