Biking on Cape Cod takes a new twist

by Donna Cain, innkeeper and owner

IMG_0789We have a wonderful summer innkeeper, Ivana. She is here on a J-1 Visa from Serbia and is working on her master’s degree in hotel management. She is always filled with good ideas, and we love having her input into our daily operations and knowing that we have an employee that truly cares about our guest’s experience at the Captain Freeman Inn.

The other day Ivana mentioned that she would love to paint the old Schwinn bike that we found in our basement. It was rusted and not rideable but for some reason we just couldn’t part with it. We decided to put it out front next to the flag pole and added some lights to the wheels. Ivana saw a similar picture to the above on the internet and wanted to give the bike a facelift. We were elated! Now we just have to adjust the lighting so it shines at night on the flag and the fancy white bike.

She found a basket in the basement, added some shells with plenty of white paint……and voilla we have a beautiful new landmark in the front of our inn. How perfect since many of our guests come to Cape Cod for summer fun and Cape Cod biking. We have the wonderful Cape Cod rail trail just up the street which is a perfect way to see and enjoy Cape Cod while being healthy.

Thanks Ivana for all of your creativity and hard work.

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